Enterprise Security and CCTV solutions

Our security solutions provide with a secure access to sensitive company data and information, and facilitates agile electronic business processes alongside Business Continuity, Threat Mitigation & Data Security, Identity & Privacy, Compliance and Training.

Bio metric Access control solutions

Online Technologies Africa provides you with the best biometric solutions for your enterprise. Biometric systems are some of the best and most accurate systems of controlling access to restricted areas and information. The phrase “biometric systems” defines automated systems that can capture a biometric sample such as a fingerprint from a person and extract data from it. It can then compare the data with reference templates and determine their identity or grant them access.

Computer security and network security products

We provide high performance, scalable and intelligent network security products for your network.

CCTV Surveillance solutions

An effective CCTV surveillance system deters theft and vandalism. Reducing liability risk, further lowers your insurance premiums! Effective remote management systems also provide owners the insights and intelligence they need to improve efficiency and customer service. The key technologies in our IP Surveillance solutions include H.264 / MPEG-4 / MJPEG, Multi-Megapixel / HD, 64-CH NVR / Standalone NVR, CMS (Central Management System) and Video Encoders & Decoders for integration with legacy analog systems.

Surveillance and CCTV Solutions

We deal in security solutions through cctv surveillance installation and monitoring. CCTV cameras have become the new replacement for security alarms as they are more reliable!

Access Control Systems

Our access control solutions provide secure access to sensitive company data and information, threat mitigation & data security, identity & privacy. They limit access by ensuring only authorization persons have access!

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