Education Management Solutions

We have partnered with Kenyan Schools in the design of easy to use and affordable education solutions that is now benefiting Lots of schools. The key areas covered by our solution are

1. Course and Exam Management

The solution enables your school to

  • Create multiple exam categories for various subjects
  • Create multiple exams under those categories or courses.
  • Create questions for each exam.
  • Randomize sequence of questions and responses.
  • Include images in questions as well as responses.
  • Color coding for responses of questions.
  • Create re-usable question banks.
  • Assign an exam to a class and allow the students to sit for that exam and
    auto mark at the end of the exam
  • Create student portal access

2. Communications

Communication between the school and parents is key to the success of the school as they are all stakeholders. To facilitate this we have an SMS messaging solution that enables the school to

  • To notify Parents and Guardians about school closure dates.
  • To notify parents and guardian of outstanding fee balances.
  • To reduce costs (notably telephone bills and printing costs)
  • Free up your valuable time and the time of admin staff when contacting parents
    or responding to repetitive requests
  • To increase parent involvement in their child’s education
  • To increase communication between schools and parents
  • To remind parents about upcoming meetings, School events/ upcoming student
    Trips / Special announcements
  • To send quick messages for fee related notification
  • To Send Monthly/Yearly test/Exam results

3. Student Management

This component enables the school to keep track of

  • Student Admissions
  • Fee Management
  • Store Management
  • Lunch Management
  • Elearning
  • Parents Portal
  • Bulk SMS Portal
  • Transport
  • Exam Analysis
  • Co-curriculum activities

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Surveillance and CCTV Solutions

We deal in security solutions through cctv surveillance installation and monitoring. CCTV cameras have become the new replacement for security alarms as they are more reliable!

Access Control Systems

Our access control solutions provide secure access to sensitive company data and information, threat mitigation & data security, identity & privacy. They limit access by ensuring only authorization persons have access!

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